What is K-now and how does it help to boost student career?

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K-NOW is the most functional and Creative Learning Platform built by the startup IT firm named “Enbott”. As we all know, after the COVID-19 pandemic outburst, everything is locked up, even the daily necessities. The one that has become a major concern is an education that needs virtual interaction with the learners, without which there will be a worse effect on students whose future and their skill development would be stagnant without progress. But since the digital evolution, there is nothing impossible. It provides a very imperative path of learning and has saved education to a large extent by introducing E-learning solutions using LXP.

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a software application or web-based technology that enables the online delivery of educational courses, assessments, and live interactive sessions, among other things. When this pandemic provoked the new normal-online classes, where home becomes school, and IoTs are the major support systems for this pursuit. However, there was some controversies at the beginning later these LXP got the tremendous likings from the student side as it offers more flexibility and wide exposure to the internet case studies, experiments, and facts unlike a boring direct lecture.

Now let’s discuss more about a unique LXP platform:

This K-NOW is an e-learning and institutional management platform that integrates the work processes of Teaching, Learning, and Management. K-NOW can’t be just any random e-learning platform. It is an iLXP or LXP – Learning Experience Platform, which was especially built for college students to help them develop better skills and get a wide range of career opportunities.

Exceptional features of K-now:

  • Build Digital Learning
  • Metrics, Assessments, and Learning
  • One-Click Administration

Build Digital Learning

Digital learning should offer students a variety of options that inspire and encourage learning in them. In our K-NOW LXP, you’ll find exciting educational materials not only for academic but also for skill development and placement training. We also incorporated an outstanding feature where you can connect with alumni that helps you discover more job opportunities as well as career options. The content management system enables the lecturers to Create, Manage, Publish, and Modify content in just a few simple steps.

Metrics, Assessments, and Learning

K-NOW consists of an Assessment board, an Attendance management system, Practise sets, and a Career portal. All these complete institution management features are included in our advanced LXP platform to organise and streamline the education procedures and enhance the learning. Lecturers can easily conduct a number of assessments on various academic subjects and skill development sessions by simply scheduling the tests in advance. Colleges can also manage their faculty entry time and leave records using our attendance management portal, where access is only limited to the management.

If you’re looking to take your college reputation to the next level by offering more job opportunities, then K-NOW can also be an added asset which offers an envisaged career portal and profile building option for students. Leverage our career profile building option for your student’s wellness where everyone gets a separate grade apart from their academic semester grades, which will be the cumulative of both semester and K-NOW assessment performance.

Building a professional profile for your students and making it public can lead to more job opportunities and recognition from recruiters who use K-NOW.

One-Click Administration

K-NOW is actually a dual-purpose platform that has functionality and features to enlist Students, Teachers, and Management. Experience and enjoy the Hassle-free teaching Faculty Management, Scholar Fee Management, Admission procedures, and utilisation of Laboratories.

I hope you like our K-NOW LXP, which was built on advanced technologies and helps you manage and track the complete process and also render requisite value-added courses at affordable prices and to high standards.

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